Delivering better hiring outcomes

Transform your hiring culture to a new level of efficiency, transparency and experience. Redefining and simplifying the hiring process through a next generation hiring success platform. 

Trutalent matching engine

Introducing our unique matching engine that delivers your best-matched candidates, effortlessly.

Seamless integration with your favourite ATS
Create your ideal candidate
Best-matched and
unmatched lists delivered


Ideal candidate persona

Define your ideal candidate to enable the best-matched candidates to be easily recognised and delivered to you.

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Matched candidate list

The best-matched candidates delivered to you so you can choose the best talent for your team.

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Unmatched candidate list

Unmatched candidates list delivered to you, allowing you to easily deliver bespoke feedback to keep your candidates updated.

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1,000 - 5,000 application reviews
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Super Max

10,000 + application reviews
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Bias-free and fair review of all candidate applications

An almost instant application review and decision

Receive decision report for all candidate reviews

Deliver feedback within 24 hours

Use decision report to deliver transparent feedback

The best candidate delivered on your own terms

About Us

Trutalent is a hiring success platform that empowers startups to effortlessly attract and match the best talent whiles delivering a best in class hiring experience.